Pet Adoption & Foster Stories

Keep the tissues handy when you read inspiring and heartwarming stories of pet adoption and fostering from all over Australia.


Our 2018 Winner of the Outstanding Rescue Group category, SAFE Inc, share this wonderful heart-warming story of Tango the Labradoodle who was surrendered to SAFE Karratha, flew with Jetpets to Adelaide where he has settled in with his new family, Robin, Steve, Charlie...

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Hildy & Benny, Sylvester and Gracie

Growing up in Germany we always had at least one family dog. It was therefore always clear to me that one day I would own a dog again. I was very excited when we found a dog-friendly house to rent! Even before we could move into the new house I started to look at...

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Lorraine and Lucy, NSW

Last year one of our dogs, a Cairn Terrier ‘Jaimie’, died and left a hole in our family. We organised with a friend who works at the Sutherland Shire Animal Shelter to meet with an American Staffy ‘Daisy’ that no-one was interested in and had been at the shelter for a...

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John and Tilly, NSW

John shares his heartwarming story of adopting Tilly. When I lost my beautiful Tenterfield Terrier, Max, to cancer, I thought I never thought I would find another to fill his place. He left a huge hole in my heart as he was my constant and loyal companion. I was...

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Bella and Roo

Bella of NSW shares the story of her rescue dog, Roo. Roo was the runt of a 14 pup litter and contracted parvo at about 6 weeks old. She survived, but at the cost of her most vital socialisation period. When I adopted her, she still had other medical issues and...

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Jason and Diesel

Jason of Victoria shares the story of Diesel, his transformation from 'dangerous' dog to therapy dog. Jason and Diesel fell in love at first sight.  It was meant to be that somehow they were to be together.  Diesel is an American  Staffy cross Ridgeback that was...

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Lisa and Watson

Lisa of Victoria shares the story of Watson, the rescue Koolie. We adopted Watson the Koolie at 14 weeks old. She was a beautiful, clever puppy but such an anxious mess. She was so scared of all the other dogs in puppy school she would hide and snarl, and she couldn't...

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Lisa and Mia

Lisa of Tasmania shares the story of her rescue Norwegian Forest cat called Mia. I feel in love with a photo of a Norwegian Forest cat, especially her huge eyes, on the Just Cats Tasmania Facebook page. Mia had been found under a shed with her kittens and was...

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Katrina and Lacey

Katrina of Western Australia shares her story of Lacey adopted from SAFE Perth. Almost 7 years ago I began a search for a dog that could possibly learn to alert to my medical condition. A random google search led me to PetRescue where I first saw the strangest looking...

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Jo and Junya

Jo of Queensland shares her story about Junya, rescue dog, and Flyball champion. Junya, a Rottweiler mix dog, found himself in the care of the RSPCA for 5 months before joining our family at approximately 18 months old. Our old dog BD taught him everything he needed...

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Jannae and Jersey

Jannae of Queensland shares her story about her rescue dog, Jersey. I went to the RSPCA to adopt a dog, Jersey was in the pound section and wasn't up for adoption as she had only just got in there the day before. I fell in love instantly and knew I needed her. I had...

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Georgi and Frankenkitten

Georgi of Victoria shares her story of Frankenkitten who had one eye and four ears. I foster for GAWS, and I heard that a kitten was needing a week's foster after eye removal surgery. Only when I got there, I was told the kitten had another unique feature besides one...

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