Community Education and/or Outreach Program 2021 Winner

Cairns Regional Council - West Cairns Animal Management Program

Congratulations West Cairns Animal Management Program!

Jointly supported by the Department of Housing and Public Works, the West Cairns Animal Management 3 Year Program is Cairns Regional Council’s bi-partisan approach to animal management in the suburb of Manoora. The Program officially started in August 2019 and is currently focussing on social housing properties where there is the greatest and most immediate need, The Program consists of targeted community education, data collection, and temporary non-surgical fertility control and vaccination of animals. The program focuses on educating and protecting the people and the environment and helping to break the cycle of euthanasia of healthy and adoptable animals.

The judges noted that outreach is a critical component to reach the most disadvantaged, and education is essential for long-term impact.  The judges said that the West Cairns Animal Management Program has a great outreach program combined with an education campaign and a community schools education program.


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