Outstanding Rescue Group 2020 Winner

Greyhound Rescue NSW

Congratulations Greyhound Rescue!

Greyhound Rescue (GR) was established by Peter and Janet Flann in 2009 to find homes for greyhounds considered surplus to racing industry requirements. GR has re-homed over 1000 greyhounds. In 2019 GR rehomed 203 greyhounds. 124 dogs have been adopted since COVID in March 2020. GR is able to rescue and rehome greyhounds thanks to its dedicated team of volunteers and the generosity of its supporters. 

The judges said Greyhound Rescue have been rescuing pets for more than 10 years and in the last few years have really grown to become a strong and sustainable organisation with animal care at the very heart of absolutely everything they do.  They have created processes and procedures to provide them with a strong business model, understanding that without that they won’t be able to continue to rescue. They have balanced this beautifully with a supportive attitude to all the people that touch the organisation, whether its potential adopters, their volunteers or their supporters and partners.

They have shined through with amazing programs to provide the best for the pets in their care. Their life skills program, their enrichment program, and even a sensory garden. They pivoted during COVID to create a wonderful online resource of training videos to help new adopters.  Overall this organisation has shown they are innovative, strong, and sustainable and they absolutely love Greyhounds! 



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