About the Awards

Cathy Beer

Founder of Pets4Life
Founder of the Companion Animal Rescue Awards

Rarely a day goes by when I do not meet a pet parent who has adopted or fostered either a cat or dog or another companion animal.  I’m always moved by their heart-warming stories of how their rescue pet has changed their lives for the better.

As the Founder of Pets4Life, an independent education resource for cat and dog guardians, I believe every animal deserves a good life, not just a life of existence. That’s where rescue groups come in; giving pets a second chance in a loving home. I created the Companion Animal Rescue Awards to recognise and celebrate inspiring examples of dedication to the rehabilitation and rehoming of companion animals Australiawide.

This year, our Platinum Rescue Hero and naming partner is Jetpets. These Awards are known as the ‘Jetpets Rescue Awards in 2018’. The Jetpets Rescue Awards 2018 recognise the values associated with the hard-working staff and volunteers who tirelessly give their time to rescue groups and animal shelters. Values include compassion for animals and their guardians, commitment, dedication, caring, respect, innovation, and integrity.

I would like to thank our amazing judges and partners, in particular, Jetpets for getting behind rescue in Australia. I encourage rescue groups and animal shelters to submit a nomination for an award from 1st July to 31st August 2018. Pet parents can join in the celebration of rescue by sharing your special story of pet adoption.

Dr Joanne Righetti

Awards Ambassador
Animal Behaviourist, PET PROBLEMS SOLVED

I am excited to be involved with Australia’s first rescue awards. Animal rescue is such an important component of caring for pets, as not all pets are as lucky as those living in our homes! Giving recognition to the people and organisations working tirelessly to give all pets a chance at a loving family is so important.

My pets are all rescues and, while I live for the day that no more rescue animals need to be helped, I encourage everyone to, at least, consider rescuing an animal when they come to choose their next family member.

As a consultant in animal behaviour and the human-animal relationship, I have worked with animal rescue, particular with Animal Welfare League for many years. As I wander past the rows of kennels and cat cages, looking at the hopeful faces, it is often hard to walk away. I comfort myself by knowing that I am helping, by educating and informing people about the needs of these pets and, of course, our much-loved pets at home.

While we all, including me, still have a lot to learn, I am happy that we are all uniting to help pets. I am so glad to see Pets4Life bring the Jetpets Rescue Awards 2018 to life, encourage nominations and commend everyone who has become involved.

Watch this short video of the launch event including interviews with the judges. 

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