About the Rescue Awards

The Companion Animal Rescue Awards were founded by Cathy Beer of Pets4Life in 2018


The Companion Animal Rescue Awards are an initiative of Pets4Life, an independent educational resource whose mission is to help reduce animal surrender and improve pet wellbeing in Australia.  The Rescue Awards is a for-purpose, national program whose mission is to celebrate and recognise achievements in rescue, sheltering, rehabilitation, and rehoming companion animals nationwide.

“Rarely a day goes by when I do not meet a pet guardian who has adopted or fostered either a cat or dog or another companion animal.  I’m always moved by their heart-warming stories of how their rescue pet has changed their lives for the better.  As the Founder of Pets4Life, I believe every animal deserves a good life, not just a life of existence. That’s where rescue groups and animal shelters come in; giving pets a second chance in a loving home. I created the Companion Animal Rescue Awards to recognise and celebrate inspiring examples of dedication to the rehabilitation and rehoming of companion animals Australia-wide.” said Cathy Beer

The Rescue Awards is the platform to showcase excellence, best practice, and innovation in rescue.  The values of the Rescue Awards listed below reflect the hard-working staff and volunteers who tirelessly give their time to rescue groups and animal shelters.

  • compassion for animals and their guardians,
  • commitment,
  • dedication,
  • caring,
  • respect,
  • innovation, and
  • integrity.

The Rescue Awards returns for a fourth year administered by Pets4Life. We are delighted to welcome Pet Insurance Australia as our Platinum Rescue Hero and Naming Partner. These Awards are known as the ‘Pet Insurance Australia Companion Animal Rescue Awards 2021‘.   A huge thank you to all of our Supporters for getting behind rescue and companion animal welfare in Australia.  Thank you to our amazing Judges who donate their time and expertise to the Rescue Awards.

We have 10 categories in 2021, eight categories for industry, and two categories for pet guardians who have adopted or fostered a pet. I encourage rescue groups and animal shelters to submit a nomination for an award when entries open on 3 May 2021. Pet adopters can join in the celebration of rescue by sharing their pet adoption story and entering the ‘People’s Rescue Story’ award category, and foster carers can enter the ‘Foster Carer Story’ award category. 

The winners will be revealed at a special Rescue Awards Ceremony in October 2021.  Stay tuned for more details!

Pets4Life manifesto

Every animal deserves a good life, not just a life of existence

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