Advocate® People's Rescue Story Finalists 2019

Be prepared to be amazed and moved when you read the stories of pet adoption and fostering from our finalists.

Sandy and Sally (Victoria)

Congratulations Sally, Beau, and Sandy - winner of the 2019 Advocate® People’s Rescue Story! This is their son Beau age 3 first rescued Sandy from the RSPCA in 2009. He was the biggest kitten in the pen and jumped onto my sons lap immediately. We knew the...

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Astro and Josie (Victoria)

Congratulations Josie and Astro! Astro arrived at the RSPCA with a broken wing and facial mites, after having fended for himself in the wild. The vets patched him up but thought he was unlikely to fly again. He was very scared of people, apparently never having been...

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Olaf and Rhiannon (South Australia)

Congratulations Rhiannon and Olaf! In 2016 I was a Cadet with the SA Police. I got tasked to a job where a young rabbit was left in an abandoned car. I rescued him from the car and dropped him at the shelter with my details if an owner was not found. 3 weeks later, I...

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Rocky and Tilly (Victoria)

Congratulations Tilly and Rocky! Rocky was found in country NSW. He’d been shot in the head and left in a quarry. He was skin and bone and could barely walk. The Riverina Rescue group took him in, funded his treatment, and miraculously, Rocky survived his injuries. He...

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Sasha and Chuan (NSW)

Congratulations Chuan and Sasha! In Jan 2018 I started volunteering at AWL. As a dog lover, I thought what better way something to give something back. After 10 rewarding years, in July 2018 we lost our beloved Maltese-Shitzu (Miffy) from a sudden illness. It was...

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Skip Esmé Farrugia and Jack (WA)

Congratulations Jack and Skip Esme! Back in September 2018, I unexpectedly lost my father to suicide. A few weeks after his passing, I decided to adopt [from A1 Wheatbelt Dog Rescue] this beautiful Corgi x Mixed-breed puppy, named Skip. For years I had wanted to get a...

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Team Golden Oldies and Lisa (NSW)

Congratulations Lisa and Team Golden Oldies! We began adopting senior dogs five years ago. Sadly in that time, we have lost ten precious souls. When we lose an oldie we adopt another. Not to replace them, how could you. But because we know that there will always be an...

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Marilyn and Ann (Victoria)

Congratulations Ann and Marilyn! The megawatt smile should have been enough to get Marilyn adopted in a flash but after 2½ years and having her 2 sisters find their forever homes, the deaf and blind Mastiff was still waiting. Hear No Evil never gave up and her long...

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Omlette and Bronwyn (NSW)

Congratulations to Bronwyn, Kodi and Omlette! Our little boy Omlette, what a cat. Our 7yo son Kodi has autism, adhd, speech problems, and high anxiety. Omlette is 7months old and we chose him to adopt as his foster carer said he was seriously chilled out, which is...

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Tommy and Mary (Western Australia)

Congratulations to Mary and Tommy! I adopted Tommy about 7 years ago. he is a blind border collie and initially, I was fostering him and tried to give him away (rehome). After about 8 months I realised he was going to stay put. So we did lots of agility together to...

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