Outstanding New Rescue Group 2019 Winner

Dandy Cat Rescue

Congratulations Dandy Cat Rescue!

Dandy Cat Rescue began during a conversation around a kitchen table in Noble Park North on December 9, 2017. Three experienced foster carers – who are also close friends and avid cat lovers – saw the need for a cat rescue to operate in the City of Greater Dandenong after reading about the council’s overflowing pound. Dandy Cat Rescue now has ten foster carers and have successfully rehomed more than 102 cats and kittens.

Dandy Cat Rescue is small by choice – this enables them to devote quality time to nurturing and socialising each of their little felines. Not only do they give their kitties the best possible start in life through good diet, and provide a safe and clean environment in our homes as well as giving them plenty of attentive human interaction and play, they also give our cats and kittens a voice when they have none.

Dandy Cat Rescue have shown how they have been able to grow rapidly into a first class rescue organisation  with excellent research and application of knowledge They have shown dedication not just to cats but the people who care for them and a great appreciation for the stakeholders they work with. the Judges were particularly impressed with how they have ended colonies by working with the people who feed them.



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