Outstanding Animal Shelter 2021 Winner

Rachie's Ratirement Home

Congratulations Rachie’s Ratirement Home!

Rachie’s Ratirement Home is the only specialised rat and mouse rescue in Queensland. Founded in November 2017 as an altruistic side hobby, it has evolved into a registered not-for-profit incorporated association, run by and for the rodent-owning community. They operate out of the main rescue site at Sunnybank Hills, where our volunteer team cares for a fluctuating number of domestic rats and mice. While they take direct rescue action, they have a strong focus on education as the most sustainable and far-reaching way to support animals and owners. They are recognised as the experts on pet rat and mouse behaviour and welfare not only by the pet-owning community nationally, but also the breeders and show communities that we work with to educate on genetics and ethics as keys to long-term welfare.

The judges noted how interesting this organisation is as a specialist in the field of rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming of a particular species, that is; rats and mice. The judges were really impressed by Rachie’s Ratirement Home, particularly for their structure, high level of organisation with their processes, and they provide excellent care to their animals.  In addition, their rehoming options are engaging and available to potential adopters.


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