Volunteer of the Year 2019 Winner

Sue Quartermain - RSPCA Victoria

Congratulations Sue Quartermain!

Sue began her volunteering career in RSPCA Victoria Op Shops. However, in time the work became too strenuous on her back, so she began working in the Cattery at the Burwood East facility, cleaning and providing enrichment to the hundreds of cats that come through the shelter.

After a few years, Sue started a new role for Rabbit Adoptions.  She finds working with rabbits extremely rewarding. Rabbits are often misunderstood creatures, but Sue is a passionate advocate of her lop-eared friends. Now Sue is their resident rabbit expert with staff often coming to her with questions about the rabbits in adoptions. She is constantly thinking of new ways to improve the rabbit’s quality of life while under care, from providing enriching activities, to repositioning the layout of their hutches to make them as comfortable as possible.


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