Refuel Digital Technology Award 2020 Winner

The Rabbit Sanctuary

Congratulations Rabbit Sanctuary!

The Rabbit Sanctuary is a non-profit organisation that rescues stray, abandoned, lost, injured, and unwanted rabbits.  It takes in rescue rabbits from all kinds or sources – other rescue organisations, shelters, council pounds, vets who have rabbits dumped at their clinic, individuals who surrender their own rabbits, individuals who find abandoned rabbits, and so on. The rabbit will be cared for by the Rabbit Sanctuary, or by a foster carer. Foster Carers are chosen carefully to make sure the rabbit is in good hands. 

The judges were impressed by how the Rabbit Sanctuary, with a very small team, were able to move towards a more centralised, bespoke IT system. What’s impressive is the reduction in administrative workload that the Rabbit Sanctuary is achieving by migrating to a more automated system, especially when given the small team involved. This has a huge impact on their ability to fulfil their purpose, which is excellent. Incremental changes with big outcomes/impact are fantastic.





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