Jetpets Companion Animals Rescue Awards 2019 launched!

Open for entries 1 May 2019! SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: 10 APRIL 2019: After a successful launch in 2018 attracting 517 entries, the Companion Animal Rescue Awards is back again this year to inspire rescue groups and animal shelters to continue their efforts in saving...

Shine the light on your outstanding volunteer

Do you have an outstanding volunteer? It's time to shine the light on your hard-working volunteer who has made a difference to the animals in your care.  The Volunteer of the Year 2019 award is for an exceptional individual who volunteers at a Not for Profit Rescue...

Pet Adoption & Foster Stories

Inspiring and heartwarming stories of successful pet adoption and fostering from all over Australia.

John and Tilly, NSW

John shares his heartwarming story of adopting Tilly. When I lost my beautiful Tenterfield Terrier, Max, to cancer, I thought I never thought I would find another to fill his place. He left a huge hole in my heart as he was my constant and loyal companion. I was...

Bella and Roo

Bella of NSW shares the story of her rescue dog, Roo. Roo was the runt of a 14 pup litter and contracted parvo at about 6 weeks old. She survived, but at the cost of her most vital socialisation period. When I adopted her, she still had other medical issues and...

Jason and Diesel

Jason of Victoria shares the story of Diesel, his transformation from 'dangerous' dog to therapy dog. Jason and Diesel fell in love at first sight.  It was meant to be that somehow they were to be together.  Diesel is an American  Staffy cross Ridgeback that was...

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way in which its animals are treated.”

Mahatma Gandhi

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