Kate and Bella

We have a young Pomeranian who is very lively and last year we decided to get a dog that wasn’t too big and had a little less energy. After searching through various rescue shelters, we finally found Bella at the Blacktown Animal Holding Facility.

The staff and volunteers were so helpful; they talked to us about our situation and thought Bella might be the one for us, and they were so right! Bella is nearly 20 years old – a friendly, quiet, and lovable old girl who is very calm and happy to be around us.

Bella came from a home that could no longer care for her. She needed a home and we knew we could give her a happy life. She adjusted very quickly and loves sleeping in her bed, going for walks with us, and walking around the garden. She also enjoys playing soccer!

She is a part of our family, always keeps us company, whether we’re gardening, hanging out the washing, or just being at home.

Bella is very calm and has been very tolerant of our energetic Pomeranian! She has always looked after our other pets (parrots, a guinea pig, and chickens) and has a way of letting us know if something is wrong. Once the hutch for our guinea pig blew over and Bella came and got us, and let us know by walking back and forth.

Message to Rescue

I truly admire people who work or volunteer in rescue. Their hard work and commitment to these animals are amazing. I’m sure a lot of animals would be abandoned or put down, instead of matched up into new homes.

Photos were taken by Caroline Zambrano, Pet Journo.



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