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The Jetpets Companion Animal Rescue Awards is a for purpose, national program whose mission is to celebrate and recognise achievements in rescue, rehabilitating and rehoming companion animals Australia wide.  It is the platform to showcase excellence and innovation in rescue.

The Rescue Awards are managed by a small team of hard-working volunteers and dedicated professionals. We have a panel of highly respected judges from the animal welfare and pet industry.  The Rescue Awards wards bring together Australian rehoming organisations, the commercial pet industry, and families who’ve adopted or fostered a pet.

The Rescue Awards is an Australian first launched in 2018. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive from animal shelters and rescue groups who’ve said “this is just what the industry needs” and “why has it taken so long?”.  Don’t take our word for it, find out what the entrants said.  Following a short survey to entrants conducted in early 2019, we received helpful feedback to improve the Rescue Awards program for this year and the future.  

There’s some misleading information about the Rescue Awards out there.  I wish to allay any concerns and ensure you get the facts! If you have any further questions about the Rescue Awards, refer to our FAQS or please do not hesitate to contact us.  We’re a small team, we’ll endeavour to reply to your query within 48 hours.


#1  There is no Voting

The entries for all categories are assessed by a panel of judges. The Rescue Awards has NO voting component at all.  This no voting policy is to prevent rehoming organisations or individuals with large social media communities to gain an advantage by popular vote to win an award. 

#2 The judging panel has solid experience in companion animal rescue and rehoming 

We have a balanced panel of 9 independent judges who will assess the entries for rehoming industry categories 1 – 7.  We welcome back the 2018 panel plus two new Judges, Bondi Vet Dr Alex Hynes, and Anne Boxhall, who brings 28 years’ experience in sheltering and rescue. Each judge brings a different experience and perspective to the judging process. The judges have a depth of experience in companion animal welfare, with years of hands-on experience in managing animal operations which includes sheltering and rescue/foster care networks, both as employees and as volunteers. Some of the Judges are vets who liaise closely with rescue groups and animal shelters to provide veterinarian treatment and support for their companion animals prior to adoption. 

#3 The Rescue Awards is not a program for the commercial pet industry

The Companion Animal Rescue Awards is not a concept by or for the pet industry.  The Rescue Awards has a genuine mission to celebrate and recognise achievement in the rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming companion animals. The awards are an initiative of Pets4Life, an independent educational resource whose mission is to help reduce animal surrender and improve pet wellbeing in Australia.  Pets4Life is independent of rescue and from the pet industry.

The Rescue Awards would not be possible without the generosity of our Supporters from the commercial pet industry and companion animal welfare sector.  We are thrilled to welcome back Jetpets as the Platinum Rescue Hero and naming Partner in 2019. 

#4 The awards is not an exercise to collect contact details to be shared with others for marketing purposes or seek charity donations

We take this false accusation very seriously. The purpose of the awards is simple – to celebrate and recognise achievements in the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of companion animals Australia wide.  

Personal information which is collected will be handled in accordance with the Privacy Policy, which should be read in conjunction with the specific Terms and Conditions for the Jetpets Rescue Awards 2019.  For Rehoming organisations, the Terms and Conditions for award categories 1 – 7 outlines that your contact details will NOT be shared with a third party except for winners’ details who will be shared with the Supporters who are providing prizes in order to deliver them. The finalists and winners may be contacted for publicity purposes. Importantly, because there is no voting for these categories, the information which is provided is controlled entirely by what the rehoming organisation chooses to include in their submission.  These categories do not allow for the collection of a list of supporters of a particular rehoming organisation, because it is the organisation, not their supporters, who control what information is provided about the rehoming organisation.

#5 Entry details for Category 8 will be shared with Bayer, the award sponsor, which is standard practice for this type of award

We are proud to welcome back Bayer as a Gold Rescue Partner for the Rescue Awards 2019.  Award category 8, the ‘Advocate® People’s Rescue Story’ is sponsored by Bayer. This award is for Aussie pet owners who have adopted or fostered a companion animal (pet).  The entrant’s contact details for this category will be shared with Bayer exclusively for the purpose of providing their information about products, news, services, and events that are relevant to you. This is standard practice for this type of consumer award. This is covered in the Terms and Conditions.  Entrants are required to agree to the Terms and Conditions prior to submitting an entry. Entrants can UNSUBSCRIBE from Bayer’s mailing list anytime as covered explicitly in the Terms and Conditions for this award. You can unsubscribe by clicking ‘unsubscribe’ at the bottom of the emails you receive.

#6 The Rescue Awards Supporters are from the animal welfare sector and pet industry

Pets4Life has engaged supporters who share a collective passion for companion animal rescue and adoption including our Rescue Awards Ambassador, Dr. Joanne Righetti of Pet Problems Solved, Platinum Rescue Hero Partner, Jetpets, and our Gold Rescue Partners – Bayer, Refuel Creative, Pet Insurance Australia and Pets4Life. Our other Silver Rescue Supporters are Blackbaud, national program Getting To Zero (G2Z), Not for Profits – Pound Paws, PetRescue, World Animal Protection, Connecting Up and Pet Professional Guild. Our Official Photographer is Jo Lyons Photography who supports several rescue groups and animal shelters. Our Advocate & Prize supporters are Aussie Dog, Loyalty Pet Treats and We Are Pets, who are all Australian, family-owned businesses. 

#7 Rescue Groups not listed with PetRescue, Pound Paws or G2Z will have an equal opportunity of winning an award

Rescue Groups and animal shelters/pounds do not have to be a member of PetRescue, G2Z, or Pound Paws or any other organisation to submit a nomination for categories 1- 7 and be considered for an award.  Entrants must satisfy the eligibility criteria.

Each of the 9 judges for categories 1- 7 will assess the submissions on its own merits.  There is no public voting. Conflict of interest is taken very seriously.  A judge will be removed from assessing a particular submission if there is potential bias or conflict of interest. This is applicable to all of the judges.

#8 The Rescue Awards Supporters do not sell puppies or condone the sale of animals from puppy farms or unregistered breeders.

None of our Supporters have a business where they sell puppies or kittens.

 #9 Nine great reasons to submit a nomination for one or enter multiple awards!

  1. Celebrate and showcase your best practice at a national level
  2. Improve standards nationwide, which means better welfare outcomes for our companion animals
  3. Attract more adopters and supporters in your local community as a finalist or winner
  4. Shine the light on your hard-working volunteer who has made a difference to your organisation
  5. Highlight your team effort and boost morale
  6. Receive one free Connecting Up webinar when you submit a valid entry for categories 1 – 6.  
  7. Receive $1,000 cash donation plus goodies from our Rescue Awards Supporters for categories 1 – 7.  Check out the prizes for each category.
  8. Engage your community of pet adopters by encouraging them to share their remarkable and heartwarming stories of how pet adoption has changed their lives for the better by entering the Advocate® People’s Rescue Story.
  9. It’s free, so why not have a crack and enter?

Photo: Ian Schneider/Unsplash

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