Innovation in Companion Animal Welfare and Management 2021 Winner

City of Launceston - Mobile Companion Animal Shelter for Emergency Evacuation

Congratulations City of Launceston

The City of Launceston is the largest municipality in Tasmania by population, working capitol expenditure, and net-worth. The highest risk within the municipality is major flooding, with a potential breach of the flood levee system resulting in the rapid evacuation of many thousands of residents (and their animals) from the affected areas. The “Mobile Animal Shelter” uses the platform of a 40-foot shipping container. The specific aim of this project is to eliminate any disadvantage and to provide for the safest possible outcome for companion animals and their owners, during an emergency evacuation.

The judges were impressed with this very innovative and unique strategy to help pets in an emergency situation. No other pet housing initiatives in a deployable shipping container are available across the country.  This mobile companion animal shelter was tested in a live emergency with dogs, cats, guinea pigs, and a turtle. The judges noted that this initiative could potentially be used in other ways besides emergency evacuations.



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