Outstanding Council Animal Shelter 2021 Winner

Ballarat Animal Shelter

Congratulations Ballarat Animal Shelter!

In 2017, the City of Ballarat acquired operations from the previous operators in a bid to provide better conditions and enrichment for the animals, longer opening hours for the community, and an educational hub for animal welfare, responsible pet ownership, and adoptions.  In 2019- the City of Ballarat amalgamated the animal shelter services and the animal management services together. They have increased reclaim rates, reduced euthanasia rates, and have implemented programs that benefit animals in our region including welfare cases, giving long-term seized dogs a more enriched life, and rehoming poultry, goats and sheep, and horses.

The judges said the Ballarat Animal Shelter submitted an outstanding entry.  This council-run shelter has initiatives around strategies to reduce the intake of surrendered/abandoned animals and maximise reclaims of companion animals.  Ballarat Animal Shelter has community engagement and support, and has integrated volunteers into their daily operations.  The judges were impressed by their work and say Ballarat Animal Shelter is a leader in the space of companion animal management. 


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