Why Enter?


There are many reasons to enter! A celebration of outstanding organisations that rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome companion animals in Australia is just one reason why the Pet Insurance Australia Companion Animal Rescue Awards 2022 are so special. You can enter one or multiple categories as long as you meet the criteria for the category.

11 reasons why you should enter!

#1. Free Vet Products Direct VIP Club membership

All valid entrants (completed entry that meets the eligibility criteria) for categories 1 to 8 receive one free VIP Club membership from our Silver Rescue Supporter, Vet Products Direct valued at $64.95, and enjoy up to 40% off.

#2. Win fabulous prizes and a trophy

The winners of categories 1-6 receive cash prizes as well as products and services from our wonderful Supporters. Check out the great PRIZES for each category.  The winners of categories 1-8 receive a special glass trophy at or following the Rescue Awards ceremony.

#3. Enjoy national exposure

Celebrate and showcase your best practice at a national level at the Rescue Awards Ceremony. Benefit from media coverage to share your achievements.

#4. Be a role model for change

Finalists and Winners inspire like-minded organisations to create change and improve standards nationwide, which means better welfare outcomes for our companion animals. Be the voice of action the industry needs.

#5. Reflect on your organisation’s operations and achievements

Take advantage of the entry experience to make objective reflections on your organisation’s strategies, planning, operations, and achievements.

#6. Attract more Supporters

Your local community and businesses are more likely to support a rescue group or animal shelter organisation that has a good reputation. You can promote your status as a Rescue Awards winner or finalist to potential sponsors and increase fundraising.

#7. Attract more pet adopters and foster carers

Pet adopters will be more likely to adopt a pet from a rescue group or animal shelter that has an excellent reputation. Winning an award or endorsed as a finalist in the Rescue Awards will enhance your reputation in the community.  You can potentially attract more volunteer foster carers who will feel proud to be part of your team.

#8. Inspire others to volunteer

Shine the light on your hard-working volunteer when you enter the ‘Volunteer of the Year’ category and inspire others to join the team.

#9. Boost morale

As you know, running a rescue group or animal shelter is challenging at the best of times.  Highlight your team effort and boost morale when you are a winner or finalist in the Rescue Awards.

#10. Your community of pet adopters and foster carers can win fantastic prizes

Encourage your community of pet adopters to enter the Ivory Coat People’s Rescue Story to WIN a pawsome pack of prizes for their rescue pet(s).  Foster Carers have a special category just for them, the Ivory Coat Foster Carer Story for Aussie volunteer foster carers to share their story of fostering a pet and WIN a fabulous pack of prizes for their foster pet(s).

And…every entrant to the Ivory Coat People’s Rescue Story or the Ivory Coat Foster Carer Story receives a 3 month FREE pet insurance offer from Pet Insurance Australia and one $20 gift voucher from Vet Products Direct!

#11. It’s FREE to enter the Rescue Awards!

So, why not have a crack?

The Pet Insurance Australia Companion Animal Rescue Awards 2022

is open for entries from 3 May to 31 July.  

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