Jason and Diesel

Jason of Victoria shares the story of Diesel, his transformation from ‘dangerous’ dog to therapy dog.

Jason and Diesel fell in love at first sight.  It was meant to be that somehow they were to be together.  Diesel is an American  Staffy cross Ridgeback that was abused and in pounded after biting someone.  Deemed as a dangerous dog and put on death row he was at the end of his life at only 2 years old.

Forever friends Animal Rescue (FFAR) found Diesel and went to court to save his life and won.  Diesel was put on a good behaviour bond for 12 mths and placed with an animal trainer.  Diesel then found his true companion, Jason.

This Dog has an amazing temperment.  He has helped Jason overcome terrible grief and anxiety from losing his best mate in a terrible car accident.  Diesel also became top of his class in Knox obedience dog training and also recently become a therapy dog at Headspace for troubled youth.

Diesel is the most amazing dog that has a certain magic that touches all who meets him.  We love to him bits, so glad we found him.

This story is the WINNER of the 2018 Advocate® People’s Rescue Story award that celebrates pet adoption and fostering Australia wide.

Check out Diesel on Channel 9’s Today Show in Melbourne




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