Emma and Nola, QLD

We became foster carers for Happy Tails Rescue based in South East Queensland and NSW. I met Nola when I picked her up from the Gold Coast. We were told that she was surrendered to the pound due to a marriage breakup. We also found out after her vet check that she wasn’t desexed and just had a litter.

Emma and Nola

Emma and Nola. Photo supplied.

I own and operate a beauty business (Vavvy Artistry) from home which was shut down by the government temporarily due to COVID-19. My partner Dan is a freelance photographer and also works from home so we are both around most of the time to care for Nola. 

At first, we were just going to foster but then after only five days of being with Nola, we were already filling out the adoption papers because we fell in love with her. Nola fits into our lives perfectly. There is no way we could let her go. We had to wait a few days for approval from our landlord. Even he said how gorgeous she is and we had approval straight away.

When she first came, she was very scared. We could tell she was confused and depressed. She wasn’t sleeping well or eating. After only two weeks with us, she completely transformed. She loves going for long walks, makes the funniest Staffy noises we have ever heard, her tail is wagging all the time, she’s eating morning and night and sleeps all the way through the night now. 

Happy tails have been amazing; they’ve been on call for us whenever we’ve needed advice. They gave us food, a bed, harness, toys and a crate to help with Nola’s separation anxiety. The hard work they do is incredible and we are so glad they rescued Nola and gave us the opportunity to foster and adopt such a beautiful little creature.


Nola. Photo: supplied.

As we are new fur parents, it’s been great to be able to use televet services to get reassurance and confirmation that we are doing the right thing. Nola has separation anxiety and we were not sure how to deal with it. We got help with putting together a good strategy to overcome this and other behavioural issues, like fear of crowds and loud noises. She is becoming more and more trusting and doesn’t seem as scared when she knows we will look after her.

 Having Nola in our lives has been a blessing. Our lives have also been transformed because all our attention goes to her constantly. Taking her for walks and seeing her bloom each day is so rewarding. We can’t wait to wake up and spend each day with her.

Nola brings so much joy into our lives. We couldn’t imagine life without her now. She really is one in a million.  We recommend to anyone considering getting an animal to adopt because it saves beautiful lives who deserve a good home and to be loved by good people. 




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