Our 2018 Winner of the Outstanding Rescue Group category, SAFE Inc, share this wonderful heart-warming story of Tango the Labradoodle who was surrendered to SAFE Karratha, flew with Jetpets to Adelaide where he has settled in with his new family, Robin, Steve, Charlie the bearded collie and TC the cat.

When Tango a Labradoodle was surrendered to SAFE Karratha, we were more than happy to help as we understand that life circumstances change and all people want is what’s best for their pets. The owners struggled to give him up but they were soon to experience that we were true to our word and that we only place our animals in the best of homes.

Tango at Jetpets during his Perth stopover.

Tango went into foster care with Kirsten and her family whilst awaiting a permanent home to continue the next part of his adventure.  He had a foster brother Gus, who is also a SAFE Karratha dog.  They loved to play together at home and on the beach. Life is always so much more fun with a friend. He also had a human brother and sister, who he loved to hang out with.

While in our care we advertised Tango on the SAFE website and also PetRescue, and boy did the applications flood in. We had about 30 homes keen on him within less than 24 hours. Our next job was to sift through these and find what we felt was the best match for Tango. Well, what can we say? Robin, Steve, Charlie the bearded collie and TC the cat, offered the ideal home for him. There was only one issue. They were in South Australia, so we needed to get our friends at Jetpets involved to help us get him there.

We knew the financial cost to SAFE and to Robin and her family was going to make this match difficult but as her application stood out so strongly we were determined to find a way – which is the SAFE way! Jetpets offered the Perth to Adelaide flight as a gift to SAFE. We thought it was a great way for them to support us, especially following our win last year in the national rescue awards they sponsor – the Jetpets Companion Animal Rescue Awards in which we were awarded Outstanding Rescue Group.

Tango had an early start on 12th June, and was picked up by Sue Hedley SAFE Founder for the trip to Karratha airport. He was so good in the car, and being a crisp morning for the Pilbara a bit of preparation for the cooler climate he was heading to! He happily went into his travel crate, and just watched the world go by while waiting for the plane to arrive and take him off to his next chapter.

On arrival in Perth after a 2-hour flight, he was greeted with VIP status and taken to the transit lounge, full of beans, excited and making instant friends with the staff. After a wee break, refreshments, and some cuddles, he was off to fly again – this time to Adelaide.

Tango and Robin

Robin and Steve waited at the airport with great anticipation, and then finally they got to meet their man. He had travelled in style and been treated like a celebrity by Jetpets.

Tango was more than Robin could ever have hoped for; “What a truly lovely dog. He is eager to please and quite obedient in the basics – essentially a wonderful, eager to please furball who just wants to be loved. I really hope he never loses his zest for life and his love of people for that is what makes him who he is. He does need constant reassurance at this point, but it is very early days and he has some settling and adjusting to do with all the changes he has experienced in such a short time.”

Robin, Steve, Charlie, TC the cat and Tango, are now all getting to know each other, and they can’t believe how fortunate they are to be blessed with Tango (well, we’re not so sure about TC), and are so grateful to SAFE Karratha and Jetpets for making it all happen.



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