Lorraine and Lucy, NSW

Last year one of our dogs, a Cairn Terrier ‘Jaimie’, died and left a hole in our family. We organised with a friend who works at the Sutherland Shire Animal Shelter to meet with an American Staffy ‘Daisy’ that no-one was interested in and had been at the shelter for a long time. When we arrived with our dogs, Daisy was at the vets and wouldn’t be back till later.

Lorraine and Lucy. Photo: Jo Lyons Photography

By chance, one of the shelter staff came out carrying Lucy. She was brought in to shelter off the streets – no microchip and no dog tag – hence no history.  They think she’s about 14 years of age. She was extremely thin and there was so much mess in her ears, the only way they could clean her left ear was to remove the tip. We couldn’t leave her there, could we?

Lucy fit in well with our other rescue dogs. She loves going for walks, taking naps during the day and sleeps all night in a choice of luxury dog beds in the bedroom.  She is spoiled with freshly cooked steak and chicken and dog treats, which she’d never had before.

Lucy has certainly filled a hole in our family. It is exciting to see her developing and she looks softer, her hair is thickening, and she loves to follow us around.  It has been amazing that from the time we put her in the car to come home, Lucy has never been frightened, only curious, and I feel she does not want to run away.  We have all benefited from having her and I feel it was meant to be.

Message to rescue

Everyone who does this fabulous rescue of animals also contributes to giving people a decent life in all areas.  It must be hard not to get attached when a good home is found but we greatly appreciate the work rescue groups and animal shelters do and continue to do.

People like these deserve the Order of Australia.  Thank heavens we are blessed to have people to help animals.  Isn’t that what life is really about?





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