Sandy and Sally (Victoria)

Congratulations Sally, Beau, and Sandy – winner of the 2019 Advocate® People’s Rescue Story!

This is their story….my son Beau age 3 first rescued Sandy from the RSPCA in 2009. He was the biggest kitten in the pen and jumped onto my sons lap immediately. We knew the bond was there so adopted Sandy straight away. Sandy Was always with Beau day and night.

Good Friday night 2011, Sandy woke me pawing and biting my hair. I thought he wanted feeding so ignored him, but he kept on biting me. I woke to find Beau unconscious in bed twitching, making clicking noises and drooling a great deal of fluid
I woke his dad who called an ambulance. The operator advised he was having a seizure and was concerned as he was still unconscious. Sandy was at Beau’s side all the time. The ambulance arrived and got him to the ambulance, working on Beau to help him breathe with a tube and airbag. I was so upset, But noticed Sandy sitting under the stretcher.  I was astounded and apologised getting him out.

The hospital advised Beau was very lucky to have Sandy as he would have passed away if we hadn’t found him. Beau has epilepsy now. We are eternally grateful to still have Sandy in our lives.

Sally’s nominated rescue organisation is RSPCA Burwood.



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