Olaf and Rhiannon (South Australia)

Congratulations Rhiannon and Olaf!

In 2016 I was a Cadet with the SA Police. I got tasked to a job where a young rabbit was left in an abandoned car. I rescued him from the car and dropped him at the shelter with my details if an owner was not found.
3 weeks later, I received a call and adopted Olaf.

He is now an irreplaceable fur child in my home. He is full free range in my home with his own bed next to my now 7 year old dog. They are now inseparable friends who have to attend the vet together for comfort.

He loves Kale, any fruit he can get his hands on and I have to keep him away from the dog biscuits. I can’t imagine not having Olaf and Poppy (my dog) to cuddle on the couch in between night shifts.

Rhiannon’s nominated rescue organisation is RSPCA Lonsdale Shelter.



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