Rocky and Tilly (Victoria)

Congratulations Tilly and Rocky!

Rocky was found in country NSW. He’d been shot in the head and left in a quarry. He was skin and bone and could barely walk. The Riverina Rescue group took him in, funded his treatment, and miraculously, Rocky survived his injuries. He was put on the Pet Rescue website with a specific request that he be treated as a member of the family.

Despite some initial concerns about his size (we’d intended on adopting a small female dog), we agreed to meet Rocky, who leaped into our car without hesitation. We were slightly concerned about what to expect but Rocky’s goofy personality, smart wits, hilarious facial expressions, and endless need for cuddles won us over and we couldn’t imagine life without him. The scar on his head has completely healed and he looks like a muscle machine!

Rocky spends his days running and swimming at the beach, chasing his stick, snoozing on the couch (and bed), going on road trips, and socialising with us. He is a member of our family in every way.

Rocky has particularly helped us through some very tough times recently and is a constant inspiration for us to survive in order to thrive!

Tilly’s nominated rescue organisation is Riverina Rescue (no longer in operation).

Tilly’s video entry



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