Team Golden Oldies and Lisa (NSW)

Congratulations Lisa and Team Golden Oldies!

We began adopting senior dogs five years ago. Sadly in that time, we have lost ten precious souls. When we lose an oldie we adopt another. Not to replace them, how could you. But because we know that there will always be an old dog looking for a forever home. We currently have ten senior dogs, the Team Golden Oldies.

Some of these dogs have arrived unwanted and neglected. Most deemed ‘un-adoptable’ because of their age. Our goal is to show that these seniors still have a lot to give visiting nursing homes, preschools/schools, and giving free hugs. The dog’s Facebook and Instagram pages encourage people to adopt a senior dog as many seniors get overlooked when they still have so much love to give. I write children’s books about each dog we lose as their legacy, already donating over $8000 in profits to help senior dogs.

Our dogs have given our local and online community so much joy sharing the love. They have proved that old dogs still have so much to offer. My life’s mission is to honor the dogs I’ve lost and to continue to demonstrate that all senior dogs deserve a safe and loving home.

Lisa’s nominated rescue organisation is Golden Retriever Rescue.




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