Omlette and Bronwyn (NSW)

Congratulations to Bronwyn, Kodi and Omlette!

Our little boy Omlette, what a cat. Our 7yo son Kodi has autism, adhd, speech problems, and high anxiety. Omlette is 7months old and we chose him to adopt as his foster carer said he was seriously chilled out, which is what we needed for Kodi to help specifically with his anxiety and sleeping problems.

From the day Omlette came into our care, we could see he was the perfect cat for us. Meowed for pats, ate his dinner, used the litter tray and just wanted constant interaction thru love or play. We saw immediately Kodi’s anxiety about sleeping in his own bed lower and we can see a massive difference in him when he is around Omlette who is the affectionate lap cat we thought we needed and we have all fallen in love with. He’s not only helped calm Kodi but helped my hubby with stress from work.

He’s a beautiful cat with a beautiful nature. To adopt a pet is helping save an animal so why wouldn’t we. Little Omlette is making us better humans just by being himself, our little snuggle pot with his magical healing gift of calmness and unconditional love.

Bronwyn’s nominated rescue organisation is Hunter Animal Rescue.



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