Skip Esmé Farrugia and Jack (WA)

Congratulations Jack and Skip Esme!

Back in September 2018, I unexpectedly lost my father to suicide. A few weeks after his passing, I decided to adopt [from A1 Wheatbelt Dog Rescue] this beautiful Corgi x Mixed-breed puppy, named Skip. For years I had wanted to get a puppy, and I believed that this would help me focus my energy positively and help distract me from the awful experiences I was facing.

I can honestly say that raising Skip helps me better cope with the overwhelming grief I deal with daily. Coming home to gorgeous Skip every day, and channeling all my energy into caring for and nurturing this puppy, has genuinely saved my life. She has not only had a profoundly positive impact on myself but my friends and family as well who are also battling similar grief.

Raising and loving a pet is truly a life-changing experience, and I had no idea just how much she would change my life for the better. Although there are still many days where I feel lost and hopeless, Skip’s wild, hilarious, and excited nature lifts my spirits and keeps me going.

I am so incredibly glad I adopted her, and I love her dearly.

Jack’s nominated rescue organisation is A1 Wheatbelt Dog Rescue.

Jack’s video entry



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