Lisa and Mia

Lisa of Tasmania shares the story of her rescue Norwegian Forest cat called Mia.

I feel in love with a photo of a Norwegian Forest cat, especially her huge eyes, on the Just Cats Tasmania Facebook page. Mia had been found under a shed with her kittens and was suspected to be about a year old.

Lisa and Mia. Photo supplied.

When we took her home she was scared and bedraggled. She did not seem to care about herself or her surroundings at all and hid in our walk-in robe for weeks only venturing far enough to eat and use the litter tray. Patience, love, warmth, food and learning that we would not harm her finally convinced her to come out into the big, bad world again.

She has been a part of our family since 2013 and is now the most affectionate of all our cats (another 4 of these are rescues). She is my constant companion and is truly happiest when as close to me as possible, purring loudly. Her best furry friend is our kelpie, Cara. Mia is guaranteed to make me smile even on the worst of days.

I am so glad I saw those huge, sad eyes on my computer screen that day.

This story was a Finalist in the 2018 Advocate® People’s Rescue Story award. This special award is for Aussie pet guardians who have adopted or fostered a companion animal (pet).  



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