Bella and Mark (VIC)


Here is Mark’s story: I adopted my GSD Bella on the 16th of December 2020. She had been removed by the RSPCA along with 2 other dogs due to in-humane conditions. Sadly Bella was the only dog to survive. Bella came to me at 7 yrs old and was severely underweight, had multiple health issues, and was not use to being out of a cage or eat proper food. She has learned quickly how her life has changed dramatically such as being able to interact with my daily carers and others, go out and play in the off-lead park with her new best friends (Carers dogs) who are also GSDs. Bella loves going out for drives and being wheelchair-bound myself she happily walks beside me. Her excitement from the first day at home being allowed to sleep on not just my bed or couch, but also has many new beds inside and out. Totally spoilt and loving it. It’s beautiful to see how she has transformed into a happy loving and loyal companion.

With me being disabled and living alone with multiple health issue’s Bella has given me the motivation to push forward in life & provided me with unconditional love.



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