Trapped from a colony, Winnie was dirty, underweight, and scared. Her initial fosters quickly realised she was pregnant – the next week Winnie birthed one premature kitten, and rushed for an emergency C-section – revealing a deceased kitten and a horrible infection. Coming into my care in February, Winnie was traumatised and terrified. She hated human touch, shredding my hands more than once! However, she came around amazingly quickly – turning into a snugglebug who took her biscuit-making EXTREMELY seriously! Sadly, Winnie then tested positive for FIV and later, a chronic chlamydia infection. Unfortunately, after multiple vet visits and further testing, we were struck with yet another blow as beautiful Winnie was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma. After a lot of discussion, it was decided palliative care was best for our baby. This proved exceeding difficult as she needed a pet-free home to protect herself and other pets from her illnesses. I went into hospital not long after her diagnoses, but (unsurprisingly!) her temp carers fell in love with our sweet angel! Winnie will live the rest of her days in forever foster, with undivided attention from her new family like the queen she is. Nothing makes my heart happier.

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