The Welfare Centre said that "Shorty" was 6 years old when I adopted him and It was a happy connection but, as I drove back to Melbourne with my lovely black terrier in the back seat, I thought that no dog of mine is going to be called Shorty !!! Prince William was visiting at the time and he was affectionately called "Wills " … and so " Wills " and I settled down together. We went to a Dog Obedience School in Melbourne and Wills learned to trust me….. and won the Obedience Competition in his Class. Since then we have moved around , finally ending up in Broken Hill as a retired couple. Will is now 21 years and going blind and deaf , but apart from that, he like me is still embracing life. We go to the local park every morning for his " sniff and wee " exercise and he travels with me on all my long distance trips. Until recently, his travelling companion was a 14 year old cat, who with her litter tray, was a happy member of our entourage. Now it is just Wills and me in the car, with much love.

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