I adopted Toby on seeing a Facebook video of him in a shelter cage looking cold, lost & lonely. Before him, I had no children, no partner and no responsibilities. An impulsive decision to adopt him changed our worlds for the better! It was hard work for us both, he was anxious, clingy and still a puppy. He was very mischievous, but such a character. I loved him from the minute I saw him in that video. Over time his anxiety lessened when he realised I was always coming home. He is now 6 and has taught me so much about love, patience & trust. I couldn’t love him anymore if I tried. He is my shadow; he eats when I eat, he sleeps when I sleep and he is the centre of my world. He is not my pet he is my baby. I cannot imagine my life without him. He has recently had 7 mast cell tumours removed. Seeing him in pain and the thought of losing him broke my heart. The joy and happiness he gives me is incomparable with anything else in the world. I just love watching him grow, change & explore the world.

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