Tigger came to us in February 2021 after the loss of our beloved 14 year old cat Peppie.Whilst we still had a beautiful docile senior in Sabby the house felt empty so we set off to find a beautiful bundle of joy.Tigger a striped 4 month old Tabby chose us as he peered threw is cage for pats turning his back on other potential suitors and he certainly fills the void left by Peppie,he constantly makes us laugh at his meercat antics as he looks out the window and Sabby became a wonderful father figure washing and play wresting with Tigger. Unfortunately Sabby passed away last week and while we are very sad as is Tigger, we take comfort knowing Sabby had a wonderful last 5 months of life full of love and a new sense of play from a new brother named Tigger.

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