Tex former owner took him to dog parks as a puppy. He went away a lot. Tex lived in a small yard fed over the fence by a neighbor. After he was attacked Tex changed and the owner didn't want him anymore putting him up for adoption. I saw the ad and fell in love. I took him in, he was 15 months old and not house trained, not obedience trained or desexed wanted to attack other dogs and has to wear a muzzle sadly. He and my older doberman fell in love immediately luckily and they are both boys. I took him to socialisation classes, enlisted a dog walker to help. We were turned away from an obedience club. A kind trainer offered to help me train Tex 2 years on Tex is awesome. He can now be relaxed around some dogs he is familiar with, sleeps in a crate at the end of my bed, sits on my knee, and is house trained. We have wonderful walks that are relaxed and he is snuggly, a different dog to the one I took home. I can't imagine life without Tex he is adorable Casper and I love him.

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