Tej was adopted from Moree and I flew her from there to Gold Coast Airport via Sydney so she had quite a journey and arrived on a full moon night hence her Hindi name meaning bright light. She was about 9 months old and weighed 9kg. I had seen her photo on the Pet Rescue site and I was after a cross cocker spaniel & the bonus with Tej was the blue heeler! I do know she had a traumatic puppyhood without food and doesn't like tradesmen. Tej has transformed in this past 7 years into a very loving dog. Still frightened of storms and loud noises. Loves her food and has settled well with with my 2 other dogs. She had never seen the sea or run on a beach and these are some of the things I love about her. Watching her joy and delight in having the freedom to be and her intense loyalty and protectiveness are qualities that she displays every day. Having her in my life was a comfort when I had to say goodbye to an older dog. Tej knows she's found her home.

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