Squirrel was just 2 months old when she came to me. I had no clue about her background or what she was like. I just new she was a friendly little face I had met at the rescue while volunteering. I fell in love with her sweet little face and brought her home. At first she was pretty reserved. But in the 2.5 months I’ve had her, she has opened up to me with such love. In the mornings she will greet me eagerly at the cage door and popcorn. If she wants my attention, she will let me know and will often climb up my leg to say hello! She will give me little licks on the face just to say she loves me. We have bonded over med time and has been such a good girl taking her meds to recover from a uri. She is now doing wonderfully and growing to be a healthy little rat! She is such a blessing to have in my life. She keeps me company on the couch with her cage mates on my days off and it’s the best! She is also very smart and been learning tricks with me

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