Sprocket was privately rehomed from a family who claimed that he was loved and spoiled. He came to me at 4.4kg, with the family insisting that it was just the type of dog he was. In the 2 months that I have had him, he has completely transformed. He has gained weight – and is now a healthy 6.7kg. His coat is shiny and healthy. He has energy and spunk. He has turned into a proper little dog and isn't as timid any more.

I adopted Sprocket because I lost my beautiful pup in February – she was 14 years 8 months. Sprocket came along at the right time and adopting him just felt like the right thing for me.

He has gotten me out of the house, and out of the funk I had been in since I lost my girl. We go for walks, I am taking him to dog parks, we are socialising with other dogs and owners.

He also helped my entire family when we lost my Aunty recently. He was a massive comfort in the days after, not just for me but for my Nanna, my other Aunties and my Mum.

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