Our fours Boston Terriers have come from pretty awful RSPCA puppy mill seizures. Shirley started the trend when I went to see one my animal studies students and saw Shirley while I was waiting. Then came Bunny from Sydney RSPCA. She was deemed unsuitable to rehome due to behaviour problems. However, as we live on quiet acreage and I’m known to the staff through association with the Delta Institute Bunny was able to come to us. Fargo’s mum was in the same rescue group but as she was pregnant she went to foster. Fargo came home to be my partners assistance dog, at which he excels. Darling Lola had similar issues to Bunny so she came to live on the lounge with the other Bostons. They sleep on the bed, have their own lounges and bark at the birds and sit in the sun. We love them all and they deserve their time in the sun free from the stresses that defined their lives before coming to us..

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