My daughter had been abused by a family member and was suicidal now my daughter was only 6.i tried wverything to suppot her ,norhing worked ,after court and everything she was in a dark place i went to our local shop where they do stock feed and to my suprise they jad 2 kittens,this male came and cuddled and purred and was so sweet he was a rescue and i had my daughter in the car i got shadow and took him out in a box and open the door i asked her to hold the box she looked and started crying and it was happy tears we got home and she set up his area with her from that day she is his mum he waits for her at the door from school,he sleeps with her follow her to the shower and even washes with her ,they eat together and they are irracepable,more to the point he is chubby and very spoilt but the best rhing is that my daughter has no anger,sadness,no emptyness my beautiful daughter has come back and she is so special and in reality ,it is all because of shadow ,he healed her thank u

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