We adopted Scooby after seeing his profile on the PetRescue website in 2012. My youngest son was almost 3 at the time and it was an instant bond between them. My son is on the autism spectrum and is often overwhelmed by his surroundings, and Scooby can tell when he needs emotional support. Scooby is always by his side; he is the family mediator (he doesn't like horseplay! ) Scooby is a gentle giant; he is a 35kg ball of fluff and energy but was so careful with our chickens and guinea pigs. He makes us laugh, cuddles us when we cry, is overjoyed when we return home (even if we were only gone an hour!) Scooby is much more than a pet. He is more than a dog. He is a family member; and I cannot imagine life without him. Scooby has been a part of our lives for 10 amazing years now. We may have "rescued" Scooby, but we are the ones who are indebted to him. We will never be able to repay Scooby for the happiness he's brought.

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