Please let me introduce Little Sally (formally known as Sad Sally) who came into our family as a foster pet through the RSPCA. She was initially a stray with no history, she was scared, skinny and was covered in sores. Although she was hesitant of her new home at first, her bond to myself grown strong and fast. She relied on me for confidence and was my shadow whether I liked it or not, she insisted on coming to work daily and howled the house down if I stepped out the door with out her.

I resisted at first the thought of keeping another dog but quickly realised the loyal little companion she was becoming was more then just a foster dog, but she had become my friend! Her beautiful personality came out and she was my protector who alerted me of visitors or the non existent boggy man. She is my hot water bottle at night and is such a big symbol of resilience. She has become my partner in crime and comes everywhere with me.

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