My old Maltese Shitzu rescue dogs, Basil and Russell, were 16 and I thought that their life would be spiced up a bit by adding another MS rescue dog to the house.

‘Tuesday’s’ foster was in Moree, she told me how calm Tuesday was. I had her flown down to Sydney.

I left ‘Tuesday’ (later renamed ‘Ruby’) in the carry crate as I introduced Rubes to Baz and Russ. All good.

After a while I opened the crate door and in a flash, the hyper Ruby was out the front door, down the driveway and gone. “Great! I have had her only 10 minutes and I’ve already lost her”. I found her hiding five houses away and she tried to run again but I was too quick… I bent forward quickly, and the twang (and associated pain) heralded the tear in my right hamstring and as I fell forward I landed on the right side of my face, but stoically, I held on to her.

Suitably humiliated, I limped home, looking like jail escapee.

Rubes is a new girl… and real fun. Now she just steals my shoes and hides them and doesn’t let me out of her sight.

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