Having spotted Ruby on the Pet Rescue website we decided to make further enquiries. We were warned that she was a difficult dog. She attacked cars, and would try to bite strangers if they intruded on her space.

Despite this we were told that we could take Ruby but we were warned that this was her last chance and if it didn’t work out she would go back for a final assessment.

After an initial period of intensive dog training with a specialist, which didn’t alter her behaviour, I decided on a different approach where she was not trained but was shown kindness, love and affection and large doses of patience.

Unfortunately her activity prior to coming to me resulted in a cruciate ligament injury that required surgery. This procedure was not successful, and two months ago, Ruby was suffering with extensive osteoarthritis and a significant infection in her bone. We had to make the difficult decision to amputate her left rear leg.

She is now a loving dog, who loves me and my friends. As dyed in the wool dog lovers we have been transformed by the love and affection this dog has shown us.

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