Rosie had spent the first year of her life living on either freezing cold, soaking wet concrete, or baked dry, scalding hot dirt, with no shade, her only company another dog brough in to mate with her, so that she could have puppies to be sold on for profit. This was her life – having litters of puppies torn away from her, to be left alone until the process started over again.
Meanwhile, our beautiful girl, Layla, whom we had resuced six years ago, passed away in our arms and we were absolutely heartbroken, particularly our eleven year old son, for whom Layla was his solemate. I knew we had to find another best friend for Phoenix.
Since bringing her home, Rosie has brought warmth, light and happiness back into our home and in return, she has found comfort, security and more love than she knows what to do with. She has also found a new friend in Oliver, our cat, who curls up beside her on Phoenix's bed at night. Rosie and Phoenix are best friends – she gives him friendship and love and he gives her what she always needed – a home to call her own.

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