I’ve been searching for a companion because I was very lonely and that’s when I both found & adopted My Riley it was Love at first sight. Riley has separation anxiety due to his last owners who left him alone at home 24/7 and is on medication because of it. I’ve adopted Riley in 2015 I’ve been supporting him to be more comfortable, safe and to assure him that I’m not going anywhere & he has done the same for me. Riley and I are very similar because we both have our anxieties and we both help each other to overcome them when we need it. Since then and now Riley is my Assistance Dog & he is with me 24/7 as I’m with him travelling on public transportation, Food/essential shopping as well as cafes & restaurants. I’m thankful to have Riley in my life, I love him dearly as my son, best friend & family. Both Me & Riley still have our journey and we’re going to make the best of it with our adventures Together!
Riley is my Light, my Heart, my World, my adorable furry Knight, Forever & Always!! 💙

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