Pearl is an 11 month old, border collie. Pearl came to us from a local pound, where she was surrendered after spending her whole life living in a breeder’s concrete kennel. Pearl is deaf and vision-impaired, she is what is known as a “double Merle”. Pearl had never walked on a lead, let alone, worn a collar and had to be carried out of the pound as she’d never felt grass before and was scared of it. Pearl has also shown some OCD behaviours, a result of being locked in a kennel, day in, day out and not getting the physical (and mental) stimulation that these high-energy and intelligent breeds need. Pearl is now in foster care and is doing AMAZING. Pearl has gone from being over-anxious to calmer and more dog like. She is learning how to play games like tug and she’s also learning her basic commands through touch cues – sit, drop, stop, no, good girl, etc. Pearl has learnt how to interact with people and is now learning to interact with other dogs. What a difference some time, patience and a whole lot of love can make to a dogs life ❤️

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