Last year we tried to adopt a greyhound named Courtney, and unfortunately our landlord denied us. We were shattered. 6 months later, we were lucky enough for Molly to come into our lives as a foster baby! A month later, we were head over heels in love, and decided to adopt her. When the forms came through, I found out that Molly’s birthday was New Years Day, the same exact day as Courtney’s! After a little digging, we uncovered that Molly and Courtney were infact litter mates! I truly believe that despite the heartbreak of not adopting Courtney, Molly was meant to be our dog and was determined to find a way to us. Since then, Molly has become our best friend and has filled our hearts in a way I didn’t know was possible. It’s been so incredible watching her come out of her shell, and fall in love with things like cuddling on the couch and swimming at the beach. Adopting a dog gives you a bond and love beyond what you find from adopting a brand new puppy, as you get to see them grow from a scared animal into a beloved family member.

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