In January 2021 I was deployed to Wadeye, a remote Aboriginal Community. On the 2nd day I came home to find a very friendly black & white dog sitting on my veranda. When I went to give her belly rubs I saw an awful lesion on her vulva. I fed her & she settled onto a rug on the porch. I couldn't bring her inside as the lesion was dripping blood.
The next day at the health clinic I asked about her & 3 of the nurses there who were FIFO said they looked after her when they were there but at other times she was homeless. They said that a visiting vet had said there was nothing that could be done about the lesion.
So I organised a charter to fly her to Darwin to my vet there.
My vet told me that the lesion was cancerous & the only treatment she could recommend would be chemotherapy at a coat of $10,000.
I decided to give Missy a chance & asked the vet to go ahead. The 3 nurses contributed $2,000 towards her cost.
After 3 months chemo at the vets Missy is now home fit & happy.

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