Maurice is a rat that was found with many of his siblings, roaming wild in and around a sports shed in Gatton, Queensland and eventually found their way into the hands of the lovely rescuers at Rachie's Ratirement Home in Sunnybank Hills, Queensland.
When we went to Rachie's to adopt some rats, we were absolutely overwhelmed and did not particularly pick Maurice out, we just knew we wanted to take home two and he happened to be one of the ones we selected. He was not overly friendly or curious at the time, but he had a little sparkle in his eye that we couldn't say no to.
Fast forward a year and he has transformed into one of the most personable ratties I have ever met. He does not have a bad bone in his little body. He always rushes to the front of the cage to give kisses and will wiggle his tail in excitement when receiving scratches from us.
He has brought us so much joy, and I can always count on him for rattie cuddles and licks if I've had a rough day.
I am beyond grateful to RRH for giving him a second chance.

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