I moved to QLD last year for a new start and decided it was time to open my heart to a furry friend.
I was originally looking for a small pup- i got quite the opposite!
I went to view a pup in a local litter of ‘am staff cross’ puppies that had been faced with the threat of being drowned at birth… three of the four pups were full of energy…. then there was shy, quiet ‘Rosie’ in the crate, too nervous to even come out and say hi… two weeks later ‘Rosie’, now known as Maggy, was dropped off at my house ready for her fresh start.
We live and work on a horse stud… she is amazing around the horses and she is the most loved animal on the place by all colleagues, dogs and anyone else who she comes across. She definitely won the dog lottery.
9 months later, she’s not the shy, nervous puppy I met, but she’s sensible, silly, kind and gives the best cuddles, my best friend in the whole world.
Her loyalty and obedience are amazing…. but if she comes to work in the rain…. we all know about it!!!! (See Video)

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