Just before Christmas 2017 three kitten siblings came to me as foster kittens. 6 weeks of age sickly, underweight, riddled with ringworm and flees. The intention was to get them healthy, desexed and adopted. After a few health problems they were finally desexed. The little boy was adopted within a day. Not long after I became ill with pneumonia. I was bed ridden for a few weeks. I was sweaty, smelly (you get what I was like). This beautiful kitten Lulu stayed with me, layed beside me, followed me to the bathroom, was by my side the whole time. She didn't care what state I was in, she just looked out for me. To repay this love I had to adopt her. Lulu is a remarkable cat she loves everyone and everything. She is there when new kittens come, she looks after the scaredy cats. I adopted a Greyhound at Christmas, scared and unsure, but Lulu took it upon herself to be there for Addy (Greyhound). They are now BFF's. Lulu has shown such remarkable love and companionship not only to me but to all that enter my home, be they human or animal.

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