Hi. My name is Layla. I am a 6-year-old Labrador. When I was just a pup I was abused. I was left on the street and had to fend for myself. I was frightened and hungry and survived by rummaging through bins and eating people’s left over food. I was rescued by Labrador Rescue. When I was 5 months old, my forever family, all the way from WA adopted me. Since I joined that family I am no longer afraid of people and instead my favourite pastime is cuddles from my favourite humans. My life has changed for the better and my humans and I enjoy long walks together every day which keeps us all fit and healthy. Because of me my humans rescued another Labrador, a 1 year old boisterous boy named Tally. He was tied up for his first year and now him and I spend all day playing, going for walks and swimming.

Mine and Tally’s life is perfect and every day we enjoy making our humans laugh when we show them our individual personalities. The whole family’s life is filled with love and enjoyment.

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